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The Secret Life of Change:

21 Flash Reveals About Change and

Managing Change in Your Life or Organization


Barbara Dershowitz, M.Ed., CAGS, CMP

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Change can drive you nuts. Whether you’re an individual involved in a personal or professional change, or a leader trying to get other people to embrace an organizational or political change, the process of moving from the status quo to a new normal can be stressful, crazy-making, and even dangerous to your health and well-being.


Why is this?


It’s because for most people, the truth about how change really works is a mystery, the emotions of change are perplexing, and the most productive way to manage change is unknown.


It’s as if change has a secret life that only a very few people ever get to see and understand.


The good news is this. There is, behind the curtain of the secret life of change, a logic, a predictable sequence of emotions, and a phenomenon that can be managed.


In the 21 insightful, easy-to-read, and often witty “flash reveals,” (short chapters of 2 to 5 pages), of The Secret Life of Change, award-winning change management professional Barbara Dershowitz pulls back that curtain and reveals:

• How to think about change so you don’t lose your mind

• What to expect when things get different

• What happens to people and organizations as they pass through The Nine Thresholds of Change

• How to manage every change and arrive – fully-functioning, sane, and intact – at a new normal that is stable, feels right, and works to your best advantage.


Plus, Barbara provides a step-by-step practical change management plan outline that you can use to ease the path of every change in your personal or professional life, or your organization.


“Change doesn't have to be a painful, chaotic experience for individuals or organizations,” writes Barbara. “The fact is, change is far less stressful, and much more productive, when you know how to think about it, when you know what to expect as you move through it, and especially when you know how to take control and manage change instead of letting change control and manage you. Helping to ease the path of change -- that's where I come in.”


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