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"I can see the future because I understand how the change process works, and I know how to plan and execute for a positive result."

~ Barbara Dershowitz

Barbara Dershowitz

Practical change management

for people and organizations

Author, The Secret Life of Change

Creator, Barbara Dershowitz's The Threshold Event   

Barbara Dershowitz, M.Ed., CAGS, CMP


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Hello again.


I'm Barbara Dershowitz, and I understand change.  I understand what happens to people and organizations in the process of change, and I’ve devoted a good part of my life to mastering and managing change.  My business, and my passion, is successfully mentoring individuals and companies through the thresholds of change and into a stable new normal.


Like you, no doubt, my personal and professional careers have been defined by change.


In my life, I’ve been a high school teacher, an employment counselor, a college business professor, a professional performance trainer, a director of outcomes and assessments, a vice president of corporate development, an entrepreneur, and that’s not all. I’ve written literacy skill books used by the New York City school system, and edited a management textbook used by the international real estate community.  I’ve conducted change and development seminars for The National Association of Chain Drug Stores, The Nassau County Library System, The New York Council of Cooperatives and Condominiums, The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, and more.


I’ve lived in six different homes. I’ve had two parents and lost them both.  I’ve raised two children and lost a third.  And I’ve managed through the life-changing experience of my husband Steve’s cancer, treatment, and recovery.


I’ve had money, which changes you despite yourself, and I’ve had no money, which changes you as well. 


I’ve built four businesses of my own, and mentored other companies and organizations through change initiatives like expansion, re-location, and employee training and re-training.


I’ve worked with Baby Boomers who are standing at the threshold of their next chapter and are fearful of change, and I’ve worked with college students who are standing at the threshold of their next chapter and feel the same.


I’ve earned a BA in English, an MA in Education, a pre-doctoral CAGS in Organizational Leadership, and Certification as a Change Management Professional.


I’ve lost 105 pounds and kept it off.


I’ve been named SmartCEO magazine

Chief Experience Officer of the Year.

(see my interview in the video below)




I’ve authored The Secret Life of Change, the first book of my series called The Change Course, and I’ve created a practical change management program called Barbara Dershowitz's The Threshold Event.


And, because I have always wanted to fly, I enrolled in a class to learn the flying trapeze.

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2014 New York SmartCEO EMA Awards

Everything, everything, everything in my life has been defined by change.  My response has been to study change, master it, and develop a practical approach to change management that reduces stress and yields the most desirable outcome for individuals and for companies and organizations.

Be advised:  I am not a spiritual healer, a self-help preacher, or a magician.  I do not operate on woo-woo theories or rah-rah motivation.  If that’s what you’re looking for, I’m sorry but you won’t find it here.


I am also not a risk-taker, although I am not risk averse.  I do not court change for its own sake, but neither do I shrink from change when I believe it will make things better.  In fact, that's when change excites me the most.


When it comes to change, I can see the future because I understand how the change process works, and I know how

to plan and execute for a positive result.  Clients of my practical approach to change management include Baby Boomers, college students, job-seekers and job-changers, recovering addicts, families in crisis and lifecycle transition, business and non-profit organization decision-makers, and others.


As a lifelong student of change, I stand on the shoulders of the great change thinkers and theorists who came before me. Through my professional practice, I pay forward the lessons I have learned from them and from life.


And I offer my practical change management services to you.

You will also receive a free subscription to my Barbara Dershowitz Community of Change ezine and email blasts.  We respect your privacy.  We will not sell, rent, or distribute your information.  You can opt-out at any time.  


If you do not receive an immediate reply from me, please check your spam folder and add and to your Safe Senders list.

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Steve and me celebrating life together.

        This was my prior normal.              This is my new normal.

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What People Are Saying About Barbara

The coordination and organization of the program by Barbara Dershowitz was very impressive.  It was fun to see her enthusiasm and knowledge.  She is a great person to learn from.


Darren T.



Barbara, you did an amazing job tonight, a great learning experience.  I actually thought that more of our staff should have been present.


Ajo K.



Barbara, you did a great job keeping us on message, especially when the discussion threatened to veer off topic.


Meleena B.



I want to commend you on the way in which you led yesterday’s meeting.  You were unflappable and did an exemplary job.  Kudos to you.


Gene B.




Just wanted to say a big Thank you for a one of a kind training.  I have had great responses from employees and vendors alike as they now understand a greater picture.  It was great stuff! For me especially, it was a great connection of topics into the culture we are developing.  I am very much appreciative of your time and message.


Rob G.



Barbara was incredible in making each important point memorable.  The day was well spent and many lessons will be carried over in both my professional and personal life.  I feel confident that the investment of time, money, and effort you have made today will be returned tenfold to our company.


Eveline S.



I just want to say thank you for signing me up for the training yesterday.  I learned so much.  Barbara is an excellent trainer!  She’s funny, interesting, and very passionate.  Her friendly nature is contagious.  I hope to be a part of many more.


Tamika P.



I loved the whole workshop, especially the bond it created with my superiors and colleagues.  The interaction segments were awesome and I would love to see and be a part of that more often.  You helped bring the team together.


Lisa R.



It is a pleasure and an honor to work with someone like you.  You are an inspiration to be a better person.


Hollie S.



You are absolutely the best.  It is truly a pleasure to work with such a professional.


Gregory S.



Thank you, Barbara.  I learned a lot the last few days about myself and what I can do to be a better me.  Your passion showed and really made me want to step up my game to the next level.


Alex C.




I could not leave without telling you how much I enjoy our business association.  You are truly a “diamond.” Your can-do attitude and high energy level are contagious.  Your presentations are always informative and even fun.  I will miss your smiling face. You are the BEST.


Rob H.



We want to thank you so very much for all of your help over these past difficult months, and most of all for your empathy and understanding.  You were the port in an otherwise crazy and unpredictable storm and for this we will always be grateful.   Thank you again for all that you have done for us.


Francie C., Baby Boomer in personal change crisis



With your help I feel so much more confident. I take everything that you have told me and am keeping it in the back of my mind for each decision that I have to make. It’s safe to say that this process would have been near impossible without your help. It’s all just new and exciting, but I’m keeping calm.  Your help has been invaluable. Thank you for following up with me.  Thank you for your guidance.


Michael F., college student



You gave me information and advice that went a long way in helping me move my company to our next ‘new normal.’ You made everything clear.  Everything you suggested was logical and concise, and most important, it all worked. You have been an incredible asset to me and my organization.


Eddie K., business owner


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