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Thank you for your interest in my practical change management services.


I offer practical change management presentations, and one-on-one change management mentoring, for individuals, groups, and organizations.


Speeches, Seminars, Training Programs, and Interactive Workshops for groups of all sizes

My Barbara Dershowitz’s The Threshold Event™ presentations are designed to guide individuals, groups, companies, and organizations through the change process.  My message is that change does not have to be a painful and chaotic experience. By knowing how to think about change, knowing what to expect as you move through the process of change, and especially by taking control and managing change, people and organizations can glide across the thresholds of change and emerge into their new normal stronger and more evolved than before.


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Barbara Dershowitz’s

The Threshold Event™ for Companies and Organizations

Business and organization decision-makers are confronted by change on a daily basis.  The most successful businesses and organizations ride the crest of positive change to stay at the top of their field.  My practical change management programs for businesses and organizations encourage change agility at all levels so decision-makers can focus on their bigger picture.  A highly effective presentation for whole companies and organizations, individual departments, executive retreats, keynotes, professional associations, and industry events.


Barbara Dershowitz’s

The Threshold Event™ for Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers are faced with more options and more obligations than any other generation.  I should know – I am one.  As middle-and-later-age and retirement loom, change is inevitable.  My practical change management programs for Baby Boomers explain how to understand, anticipate, and manage the process of change in every aspect of life so Baby Boomers can relax and enjoy their journey to the new chapter that awaits them.  An ideal presentation for groups.  Makes a great fundraising event.


Barbara Dershowitz’s

The Threshold Event™ for College Students

College students stand at the threshold of independent adulthood with a vista of opportunities and choices before them.  From freshman year through graduation, and beyond into first employment, change is rapid and often confusing.  My practical change management programs for college students pull back the curtain on the change process so college students can move confidently into their next new normal.  A perfect presentation for fraternities and sororities, clubs, honor societies, guest lectures, and commencement ceremonies.


Barbara Dershowitz’s

The Threshold Event™ Custom Presentations

The lessons of Barbara Dershowitz’s The Threshold Event™ are timeless and universal.  Their application is unique to each situation.  I am eager to help you achieve the positive change results you seek.  Please contact me to discuss how I can customize my practical change management presentations to your specific goal. 


See below for additional customized practical change management services.


Consulting, Mentoring, and Customized Practical Change Management Programs

I am available to consult with, mentor, and create customized practical change management programs for private individuals, groups, and business and organization decision-makers.  My services include one-on-one:

•           Customized change management plans

•           Hands-on change management plan implementation

•           Change management outcomes and assessment analyses

•           Change management troubleshooting and remediation

•           Ongoing change management guidance and mentoring


I’m here to help you with practical change management.  How can I make your change, and your life, easier?


Write to me below or at, and I'll respond right away to discuss how my practical change management can be of service to you.


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Barbara Dershowitz

"The fact is, change is far less stressful and much more productive when you know how to think about it, when you know what to expect as you move through it, and especially when you know how to take control and manage it instead of letting change control and manage you.


Helping to ease the path of change - That’s where I come in."

                                                                                 ~ Barbara Dershowitz

Practical change management

for people and organizations

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Author, The Secret Life of Change

Creator, Barbara Dershowitz's The Threshold Event   

Barbara Dershowitz, M.Ed., CAGS, CMP

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