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NEWS RELEASE: Barbara Dershowitz reveals The Secret Life of Change - In new book, Long Island-based

(Long Island, NY) Long Island-based practical change management specialist, author, and speaker Barbara Dershowitz announces the publication of her newest book, The Secret Life of Change: 21 Flash Reveals About Change and Managing Change in Your Life or Organization. The release of The Secret Life of Change marks the first step in Dershowitz’s campaign to open a national discussion about change and practical change management.

“Change is a constant companion in every aspect of our lives,” says Dershowitz. “Yet many people struggle and suffer in very real ways when they are faced with significant change because, as a culture, we have failed to educate ourselves about how change works and how to manage change for the best possible outcome. It is a fact of the human condition that if we don’t manage change, then change will manage us. In our everyday lives – and especially in the current political climate – it is crucial for people to understand the nature of change, how change comes about, and how to manage change to their advantage. I wrote The Secret Life of Change because I am committed to raising awareness and opening a national dialogue about change and practical change management.”

In the 21 flash reveals (short, easy-to-read chapters) of The Secret Life of Change, Dershowitz explains how to think about change with clarity and confidence, what to expect when things start and keep getting different, and what happens as people pass through the nine emotional and perceptual thresholds of change. She also provides an outline that readers can use to create a practical change management plan to successfully manage any change in their personal or professional life or their organization.

The Secret Life of Change is available on Dershowitz’s website at, and from Amazon and Kindle.


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