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Change Truth #5: Change is manageable … And that’s good to hear (Part 5 of Five Truths I Tell My Cl

I’m all about practical change management – with an emphasis on practical. So when individuals, families, and business decision-makers come to me for help navigating a personal, professional, or organizational change, I get them started with information they can apply right away: I introduce them to five fundamental truths about change. Experience proves that when people understand and acknowledge these five change truths, they’re better equipped to cross the threshold into change, move through the change process, and emerge into a positive and stable new normal that feels right and works to their best advantage.

Here’s Number 5 of my Five Truths About Change.

5. Change is manageable … And that’s good to hear

In Change Truth #4: Change is multipotent … And that’s good to expect, I wrote that change in one aspect of an individual’s life, or in one way an organization functions, will likely generate additional changes in other aspects, and that practical change management anticipates and addresses this multipotency of change so that change can occur as smoothly and expeditiously as possible. In addition to discussing the challenges of multipotency, prior posts in this series have discussed how practical change management addresses change as a stressor, change as a function of decision-making, and change as a predictable sequence of thresholds, concepts I explore in my upcoming book, The Change Course.

As I tell my clients when we get to this fifth change truth, the process of change is replete with moving people, moving parts, and moving targets. But while it can all be quite overwhelming at first, if you know how to think about change, what to expect as you move through change, and especially how to take control and manage change instead of the other way around, you can have a successful journey from the first threshold of change, which is Decision, through the final threshold of change, which is New Normal.

Here’s how change is manageable, and why that’s good to hear.

The key to navigating change successfully is practical change management. With practical change management, real-world change strategies, solutions, systems, and structures are applied to the real-life experiences of real people and real organizations. The specific change goal is established, and the resources to achieve that goal are identified, activated, deployed, and monitored until the desired result is achieved.

Knowing that change is manageable, and that they don’t have to struggle through the change process alone, is a liberating and calming truth for individuals, families, and business decision-makers who face a significant change.

For many clients, and perhaps for you as well, that’s the most important benefit of practical change management.

This concludes our five-part series, 5 Truths I Tell My Clients About Change. Please return to my Blog for a fresh topic and new insights into change and practical change management.


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